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Say Goodbye To Fatty Buildups & Grease Fires!
We clean your BBQ inside and out, so you don’t have too!


We leave your BBQ looking as close to new as possible; safe, clean and ready to cook on the moment we finish!



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Benefits of a Professional BBQ Clean

  • Eliminate the risk of grease tray flare ups, BBQ fat fires and gas explosions.

  • Eliminate the risk of bacteria, food poisoning and attracting pests and bugs

  • Remove stubborn burned on grease

  • Saves you doing it

  • Improves the performance of the BBQ

  • Increases the BBQ’s lifetime saving you money on repairs



Professional, Unique Process;

We hand scrub all plates, grills and components, remove and bag up any and all loose grease and chunks then hot soak and scrub all parts in our vehicles soak tank. 100% FOOD SAFE!

While that's happening, we heat your BBQ up some, degrease it, hand scrub it, and then either hand wash or pressure wash away all the grease. Other than having a super clean and safe BBQ you won't be able to tell we were even there!

BONUS: Before we leave, to avoid the chance of rust build ups, blockages and a list of other problems most general cleaners often leave behind, we dry your BBQ, heat, oil and season the cooking area, polish any stainless steel, service the ignitions and the burners, and line the fat tray with alfoil for the next cook -all at no extra charge.

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bbq clean, oven clean, adelaide, barbecue clean, barbeque clean, bbq repair,

"Professional cleaning and restoration; more than just a clean"

We go the extra mile for our customers.

The messier the BBQ, the bigger the challenge - and we love a challenge.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and customer satisfaction. We clean up after ourselves and will always ask if you are happy with the job before we pack up and leave.




Booking Online

Booking online is a simple process, and for all the info you
need to make the booking is provided on this page and in Watch the video it includes everything you should need to know to choose the correct booking for you.


By booking online we are able to provide premium services at the lowest prices possilbe, and pass those savings on to you.


You will receive invoices, reminders, terms and conditions, if  you get stuck just send us an email and we will call you back asap.





How much do you charge for a BBQ clean and how long does it take?

Prices vary based on the BBQ’s design, whether it is mobile or built in, how dirty it is and how clean you need it to be.


We have several cleaning options for every budget.

BBQ cleans vary from 1 hour max to 3+ hours depending on what you require. Call us or fill in the form above for a free quote!

Where do you clean the BBQ?

We clean the BBQ on site, at your location. We do not do offsite cleaning as we can always find a spot to clean the BBQ. Whether its on the lawn, driveway or balcony we have methods of cleaning which do not leave a mess when we are done.

If we have to put a tarp down and clean it by hand, we will. The products we use will not damage your lawn either.


Are the products you use food safe, kid friendly and do they smell?

At the end of the clean we neutralise the BBQ cooking area with a food safe wash and rinse. It is totally food safe, kid friendly and there are no nasty smells.

Will the cleaning process damage my lawn or mess up my concrete/driveway etc?

In short, no. The products we use are food safe/diluted and we bag up all the big chunks of grease before we even wash the BBQ down. Any run off is basically soapy water and will not damage your lawn or drive way. In the case you still feel uncomfortable we can move the BBQ to a more suitable location on your premises, put a tarpaulin down and/or even clean by hand to avoid any run off whatsoever (generally what we do for balconies and brand new paving etc). One way or the other, we will get the job done however you need us too.

Do you take the BBQ away with you and clean it offsite?

If you can get the BBQ dropped off and picked up we are happy to do this on request 0438 64 22 66.

How do we pay you?

There is a $50 booking deposit to be paid over the phone, and you can pay the remainder once the job is completed via our onboard eftpos machine. Invoices are automatically sent to your email address when payments are made. We don’t accept cheques or BSB transfers, and we do not issue accounts. Payment is due once we have completed the job.


Do you work weekends, when are you available?

Yes, we are available 7 days a week, and our times are flexible. We do book out especially in the winter and Christmas periods. Booking ahead is a good idea.

What other services do you provide?

We also specialise in the cleaning and restoration of kitchen stove tops, oven grillers, microwaves, indoor and outdoor range hoods, BBQ’s and outdoor kitchens. We also provide a custom commercial kitchen restoration and cleaning service.

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