all in 1 BBQ GRILL Cleaning kit

BBQ Cleaning Kit is a complete 6 Item cleaning kit for the BBQ grills. 

The kit will help you by:

  • Eliminating all grease

  • Getting rid of nasty black built up carbon

  • Saving you money extending the life of your BBQ grills

  • Bring you BBQ grills back to new in just a few hours

This kit has been tested by professional BBQ Cleaners for over 2 years with each product individually and hand selected for incredible results that will change your BBQ experience.



  • 1x BBQ Dr Soak Tant - A heavy duty soak tank container to soak and scrub your grills clean

  • 1x BBQ Dr Razor Blade Scrapper - To allow the hard-to-reach places to be cleaned

  • 10x Spare Blades

  • 1x BBQ DR Ultimate BBQ Cleaning Brush - The brush every BBQ lover needs to properly clean their grills. This brush has been designed by BBQ professionals.

  • 1x Heavy Duty Long Sleeve Gloves

  • 1x Steel Wool

  • 2x Microfiber Cloths



When should I clean my BBQ grills?

  • If you use BBQ only in summer - yearly

  • If you use BBQ all year round - every 6 months

    By giving your BBQ a deep clean yearly it will extend the life your BBQ.

Grill Cleaning Kit