Get your bbq like new again


BBQ Dr BBQ Cleaning Kit is the easiest and best way to get your dirty bbq back to its best. There is no other Kit out there like this, that professional barbecue chefs use to get a BBQ back to new as possible. This BBQ kit is the pack of the century for barbecue owners to give their barbecue new life, clean and safe. If you haven't heard about it, keep reading and it will change your BBQ experience.


If your bbq has:

  • -fat and carbon buildup on hot plate
  • -fire flare up under neather bbq grills
  • grease spatter all over knobs, and body


..... your health could be comprimised everytime you use your bbq.


Here' the truth:

most people just wipe the top of the grills or hot plate with news paper or wire brush only when they need to use it. leaving the bbq for years, building up bacteria that could lead to food poisoning and fat that turns into fire conducters, potentially that can make your gas line explode.


heres why:

60% of residental fires start from underneath the grills. from fats build up on burners or gas build up under grills that leads to burning the gas hose.


High build up of grease and fat is dangerous and will cause fires.

The kit will eliminate 100% of fat, grease and food.

  • Will save you money
  • Prevent fires
  • Only takes a few hours, to get it back like new
  • No more nasty smells and smoke
  • Food safe (kitchen grade degreaser)
  • All the tools for the best results
  • Don't need to goto 5 different shopping centers to get all the items
  • What the professional BBQ chefs cleaners use


In fact if there in fat under neath the grill it is it is more likely is will stread quickly at high tempretures.

because fat is conductive, the more fat that sits in your bbq the higher chance it is the spread un control-ably to the fat tray and ignite your gas hose.


the fire fighter emergency service has a put on notice to warn local communities to clean their BBQ every summer.


Are were sick of seeing people being burnt and homes catch on fire, so we have decided to help people

Clean their barbecues simple and easy.


Introducing the BBQ DR BBQ CLEANING KIT-  The pack was made by professional BBQ men.

BBQ Dr had made a kit that anyone can use to clean their  bbq and get it back to new.

    The only things you will need:
    • Bucket


    The kit comes with:
    • Manual on how to kit your BBQ like a professional (with a video tutorial)
    • container bucket 
    • Food safe degreaser
    • Exterior degreaser spray
    • Brush
    • Steel wool
    • Razor scraper 
    • Micro fiber cloths
    • Gloves


    There is no other BBQ cleaning kit out there like this. That has been proven and tested for 5 years that can create such an amazing result for anyone to do.
    Buy your BBQ Cleaning kit to get your BBQ clean, safe and looking like new again!


    • If not happy with any product within 30 days, you can send it back to get a full refund (minus shipping) and recieve money as soon as product has been returned to location.  Just contact us and request infomation to return.

    • Free shipping Australia wide.


      if out side australia, there is a calulator in shipping options at end of purchase.